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A Responsible Industry

We would like people to enjoy drinking Scotch Whisky, but it is important they do so responsibly. We want to be recognised as an industry leader in the promotion of responsible drinking and in our constructive engagement with national and international authorities to help reduce harmful drinking.

Responsible Drinking

Like any other form of alcohol, Scotch Whisky should be consumed in moderation. When consumed responsibly by adults, alcohol can be part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and play a positive role in social occasions and celebrations.

Scotch Whisky Action Fund

In 2013, the SWA established a fund to tackle alcohol-related harm as an extension of our commitment to address harmful use of alcohol and promote responsible drinking.

news & commentary

22 August 2019

Scotch Whisky Action Fund pledges further support for innovative projects

The Scotch Whisky Action Fund, set up in 2013, has pledged a further year's support for two projects that each received funding in 2018: Bright Light's Families in Recovery, and Waverley Care's SX initiative.

16 July 2019

Complaint regarding responsible promotion of Scotch Whisky upheld

The Independent Complaints Panel has upheld a complaint against the Pure Scot brand.


06 February 2019

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice covers all commercial communications by members. This includes advertising, promotional materials and sponsorship.