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We take a long-term and wide-ranging view of sustainability, from our operations in Scotland and beyond, to our supply chain, connectivity, our people, the communities in which we operate, our consumers and the environment.

We work to achieve a regulatory framework at home which keeps our industry sustainable and competitive.


Quality cereals are central to the success of Scotch. The industry supports Scottish agriculture that supplies some of the best grain anywhere in the world.

Environmental Strategy

A thriving natural environment is vital for Scotch Whisky. We are determined to do more and ensure a sustainable future for Scotch Whisky and our natural environment.

Health & Safety

Since 2005, the number of incidents has dropped by 82% and the industry performs consistently better than the ‘food and drinks manufacturing’ rate.

Sustainability news & commentary

05 June 2020

World Environment Day: Industry Continues to Take Steps on the Journey to Net Zero

The Scotch Whisky Association has today released a report detailing a roadmap for the industry to reach net zero, in line with Scottish Government ambitions to achieve net zero by 2045.

28 May 2020

Scotch Whisky Industry Continues to Make Progress Towards a Low-Carbon Economy

A 2020 report tracking progress in achieving the Scotch Whisky industry’s sustainability targets, has been released by the Scotch Whisky Association today.

30 August 2019

SWA is co-signatory on British Glass letter

The Scotch Whisky Association has signed up to the open British Glass letter to underline sustainability concerns around the proposed Deposit Return Scheme.

31 October 2018

New design and manufacturing facility in Stirling opened by SWA CEO

Blue Box Design's new state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility has been officially opened by Karen Betts, Chief Executive, Scotch Whisky Association.

Sustainability publications

04 June 2020

SWA Net-Zero report 2020

The SWA has worked with an external consulting firm to create a roadmap for the Scotch Whisky industry to work towards net-zero emissions.

28 May 2020

2020 Environmental Strategy Report

The Scotch Whisky industry has reviewed the latest data covering its sustainability targets, helping to protect the future of Scotch Whisky by preserving the natural environment.

30 August 2019

Scotch Whisky Cereals Technical Note: 4th Edition

The fourth edition of the Scotch Whisky Cereals Technical Note, updated August 2019.