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SWA aims to promote and facilitate communication and understanding between the industry members and various government departments.

Scottish Parliament

The SWA is active in the Scottish Parliament, ensuring that views across the industry are understood and taken into consideration by MSPs and Ministers. This includes important issues like infrastructure, digital connectivity, environmental protection and tourism.

Cross Party Group (CPG)

The Cross Party Group (CPG) on Scotch Whisky promotes a better understanding of the Scotch Whisky industry to members of the Scottish Parliament. The industry is key to Scotland’s economy through exports, employment and tourism, but also plays an important role in achieving Scotland’s ambitious environmental targets and tackling alcohol misuse.

This group provides the forum to discuss these important issues with MSPs from all parties alongside key people from within the Scotch Whisky industry.

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For information on issues relating to Scottish Parliament:

Please contact:  Beatrice Morrice, SWA Head of Engagement - Scotland


The SWA has a permanent office in Knightsbridge Green, London to ensure that industry priorities are understood by Members of Parliament in Westminster and various UK government departments.

As we represent a global industry, the SWA ensures that MPs and Ministers understand the Scotch Whisky industry’s global trade priorities and often travel with UK government delegations to key global markets.

Tax on Scotch Whisky in the UK is also controlled by the UK government. The SWA campaigns for fairer tax on Scotch Whisky in our home market.

All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Scotch Whisky aims to promote and facilitate communication and understanding between representatives from the Scotch Whisky and spirits industry and Members of Parliament at Westminster.

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For information on issues relating to Westminster and the UK Government:

Please contact:  Declan Pang, SWA Political Engagement Manager

Engagement publications

06 November 2019

SWA General Election Manifesto 2019

Learn more about the SWA Manifesto for the 2019 election - click to download the pdf.