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01 December 2020

SWA welcomes the UK-Mexico Spirits Agreement

SWA welcomes the UK-Mexico Spirits Agreement
The UK-Mexico spirits agreement will give continued protection for Scotch Whisky in Mexico, its sixth largest export market by volume.

Commenting on the Mexico-UK Spirits Agreement which will give post-Brexit protection to Scotch Whisky and Mexican spirits in the UK and Mexican markets, SWA International Director Ian McKendrick said:

“This agreement is good news for the national drinks of Scotland and Mexico, giving continued legal recognition in important global export markets. Scotch Whisky already enjoys legal definition in Mexico, but this agreement mirrors the protection currently offered under the Mexico-EU agreement and secures continued recognition of all UK whiskies and Mexican spirits designations. This spirits agreement will give consumers in Mexico the continued confidence that the Scotch Whisky they enjoy is distilled and matured in Scotland in accordance with UK law.

“The agreement is a positive step towards continued negotiations for a UK-Mexico Free Trade Agreement, which would secure the most robust future terms of trade for the UK and Mexican spirits industries.”


  • Mexico is a top ten export market for Scotch Whisky by value in 2019, totalling £120.9m. It is the sixth largest market for Scotch whisky by volume globally.
  • The Agreement between the United Kingdom and the United Mexican States on the mutual recognition and protection of designations for spirit drinks will continue the recognition of Scotch Whisky, Irish whiskey, Tequila, Mezcal, Bacanora, Sotol and Charanda in bi-lateral trade following the UK’s exit from the EU.