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SWAF - Argyll & Bute

Learn more about Scotch Whisky Action Fund projects in the Argyll & Bute region.

Islay Development Initiative

Awarded: £14,000

Project: Safe Space Project

To cover the cost of hiring two youth workers for 16 hours per week for 12 months, as well as associated counselling and activity costs, to allow them to operate their ‘Safe Space’ project. The Safe Space project will offer a holistic and all-encompassing suite of activities that look to tackle underlying causes of alcohol misuse, such as social isolation, poverty, and poor family relationships. This will include offering positive recreational and educational activities for young people to steer them away from mis-using alcohol – such as kayaking and beach days – as well as offering dedicated counselling support to at-risk young people, and events that engage the whole family to build more positive relationships. They hope that the project will prevent young people from falling into the spiral of alcohol misuse and the associated issues that come with it, as well as supporting those who may have parents or relatives with alcohol problems themselves. They expect 150 people will be supported by the project.