Whisky Tourism

From the source of the water to the shape of the still, a distillery tour will help to explain what makes every Scotch Whisky different. No two distilleries are the same. Each has a unique setting and story, as well as a distinctive way of doing things
that has evolved over many years. Visiting a distillery allows you to indulge your passion for Scotch and, at the same time, discover the environment and meet the people that have done so much to shape that instantly recognisable taste.

Many distilleries welcome visits by members of the public. It is often necessary to make arrangements in advance, but many distilleries have extensive visitor facilities and do not require prior warning of a visit.

No matter which distillery you choose to visit - be it island, mainland, large or small - you can expect great Scotch Whisky, a warm Scottish welcome, and a fabulous day out.

The SWA's Distilleries to Visit 2015 provides information on some 40 distilleries and visitor centres open to the public, including opening times and the availability of disabled facilities.