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01 August 2018

Scotch Whisky Cereals Technical Note: 3rd Edition

The third edition of the SWA Cereals Technical Note aims to help achieve a common understanding of the importance and use of cereals within the industry.
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The Scotch Whisky Association's (SWA) membership accounts for 95% of the sector and aims to create conditions for long-term growth worldwide and secure Scotch's place as the leading high-quality spirit drink.  The SWA holds regular meetings with a range of stakeholders, including the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Cereals & Oilseeds, the Maltsters' Association of Great Britain (MAGB), and the National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFUS), to share views on industry and supply trends, the evolving requirements for cereal varieties, industry best practice and policy developments. This close dialogue between the organisations has helped ensure that the Scotch Whisky industry's specific cereal requirements are provided for, preferably in Scotland.

Cereals are a critical raw material for the Scotch Whisky industry.  As an industry with long-term sustainability ambitions, the industry must plan ahead with its supply chain to ensure a continuity of quality cereal supplies to maintain and underpin the development and growth of its products.  Strong collaboration among the industry and its supply chain is essential so that everyone from growers to grain merchants to distillers, receive a clear message regarding the strategic needs of the growing Scotch Whisky industry. 

The SWA works closely with its key stakeholders and the purpose of this document (which is of a generic nature) is to help achieve a common understanding of the importance and use of cereals within the industry.  Those working within the supply chain and the industry wishing to increase their knowledge of Scotch Whisky cereals may also find it of interest.  It is important to note that decisions on procurement and the specification of cereals are ultimately a commercial matter for individual companies.

This is the third edition of the Cereals Technical Note (the first edition was published in January 2017).  Future editions will be published annually in the Summer.  A list of amendments is provided in Appendix 4.