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Scottish Parliamentary elections

Scottish Parliamentary elections
Find out how Scottish Parliamentary candidates can support Scotch Whisky producers by backing the SWA's manifesto for the 2021 elections.

All political parties are focussed on the post-Covid economic recovery, and the Scotch Whisky industry has a central role to play in that. Alongside our supply chain partners, our industry is a vital engine of economic growth and productivity.  But we will also need support to recover from a stark fall in exports last year.

We’re asking all candidates standing in the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary election to #SupportScotch by signing up to six commitments which will boost the Scotch Whisky industry, our workforce and communities across the UK.

Learn more about the value of the Scotch Whisky industry and its supply chain - for exports, tourism, employment and growth - below.

Download the Scotch Whisky industry's Scottish Elections manifesto here

The SWA is asking political parties and candidates to #SupportScotch and sign-up to six commitments to help businesses support jobs and thrive:

  1. Ensure a competitive environment for business
  2. Deliver a green recovery
  3. Support tourism in Scotland
  4. Work in partnership to tackle alcohol misuse
  5. Invest in digital and transport infrastructure
  6. Support international trade

Why #SupportScotch?

The Scotch Whisky Association represents an iconic domestic manufacturing industry with global reach. With over 70 member companies representing over 90% of production – from small, family businesses to international brands – we are the voice of a strategically important sector for the Scottish economy.  

The Scotch Whisky industry

  • Exports 36 bottles of Scotch Whisky per second, worth £3.8bn in 2020
  • Adds £5.5bn in Gross Value Added to the economy
  • Supports over 40,000 jobs across the UK, including many in rural parts of the country
  • Invests over £1.8bn in our UK-wide supply chain

The Scottish Parliamentary elections are an important opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their commitment to the Scotch Whisky industry and the role we play in the resilience of the Scottish economy.