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The latest updates from the Scotch Whisky industry on the current coronavirus outbreak, including information on distillery visitor centre closures and our hand-sanitiser portal

Hand sanitiser from distilleries

We are gathering information to connect distillers who can produce high-strength ethanol and/or hand sanitiser with packagers, distributors, and organisations who are in need of hand sanitiser. 

Click here to complete our online portal and tell us what you need, or what you can supply. 

Updates to this page are ongoing as the situation progresses. Please check back here for our latest statements, and information on Scotch Whisky distillery closures.

SWA statement (last updated 25th March 2020)

"This is a rapidly changing situation and we continue to work to mitigate the impact on the Scotch Whisky industry and its workforce. Despite disruption to exports, global travel retail and tourism to distillery visitor centres, we remain confident in the long-term growth opportunities for Scotch Whisky at home and abroad.

"As ever, the safety of our workforce, is paramount. Our member companies are working with local authorities in the UK and in export markets to ensure we are playing our full role in protecting employees, and in helping to contain the virus in affected countries. Companies are all applying the latest government guidance for those who work in production and operations, applying strict social distancing and comprehensive additional hygiene measures. All employees who can work from home are doing so. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and share relevant guidance.

“The Scotch Whisky Association has this week launched an online portal to help with the supply of hand sanitiser to frontline health and social services, emergency services, local communities and other industries in need of it across the UK. In doing so, our industry is keen to play its full role in fighting the coronavirus.”

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Details of Scotch Whisky distillery visitor centres which are closed or have temporarily suspended tours due to the coronavirus outbreak are listed below. This list is updated daily as the situation develops.

If you know of a distillery visitor centre which has amended their tour policy but is not listed here, please contact 

Please note that the SWA cannot assist with rebooking or cancelling a prebooked tour - you will need to contact the distillery individually who can advise what to do next. Links to distillery websites are provided below.

Some distilleries not listed here may have precautionary measures in place for any visitors to their sites. For the avoidance of doubt, please check directly with any distillery or visitor centre before you visit.

For general information about visiting Scotland, please check the VisitScotland website.

Hand-Sanitiser Portal

A form to help Scotch Whisky producers connect with related industry suppliers to provide high-strength alcohol and/or produce hand-sanitiser to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus news & commentary

25 March 2020

New Portal Launched to Help Scotch Whisky Industry Supply Hand Sanitiser

The Scotch Whisky Association has launched an important tool for companies to help meet the demand of organisations that need supplies of hand sanitiser.

23 March 2020

Scotch Whisky Industry Seeks Clarity on Business Support

The Scotch Whisky industry is seeking urgent assurances from Ministers on aspects of the government's business support package, announced last week as a result of the economic disruption being caused by COVID-19.

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Organisations in need of hand sanitiser or ethanol

This page lists organisations who have contacted the SWA to say they are in need of hand sanitiser or ethanol.

Services and materials for distillers

This page contains details of organisations who can supply packaging, materials or distribution services for those producing hand sanitiser or ethanol.

Distillers needing ingredients

This page contains details of distillers who are in need of additional ingredients in order to manufacture hand sanitiser.

Distillers making hand sanitiser or providing ethanol

This page contains details of companies who are manufacturing hand sanitiser or ethanol.