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SWAF - The Borders and Ayrshire

Learn more about Scotch Whisky Action Fund projects in the Borders and Ayrshire

Ayrshire Communities Education and Sport (ACES)

Awarded:   £1,200

Project:    Alcohol Awareness

ACES intends to build on its awareness raising sessions on young people’s issues which it has delivered with schools, youth groups and football teams by delivering outdoor alcohol awareness sessions. This is in response to a rise in underage drinking in the area and discussion with schools and other youth groups in the area, particularly following the death of a young person because of alcohol abuse. Due to the ongoing impact of covid-19 restricting the ability to visit schools and other youth projects, ACES plans to work outdoors using a variety visual aids and tools such as beer goggles and remote control cars to give children in primaries 6 and 7 a sense of what it is like to be under the influence of alcohol. As the organisation plans to work with several schools in the area, they expect to work with up to 700 children.


Awarded:   £10,000

Project:    CHOICES - East Ayrshire Families 

CHOICES will be run by Barnardo’s East Ayrshire Families who work with some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people, aged 11 to 18 years, and their families living in East Ayrshire. They provide support on a range of themes including: alcohol/substance misuse support, youth work, and domestic abuse. In 2018 Barnardo’s East Ayrshire Families (EAF) received a grant of £6,743 from the Scotch Whisky Action Fund, to deliver a CHOICES Project
which ended in January 2019. They are now applying for funding to re-establish the CHOICES Project which they have been unable to run since 2019 due to lack of funding. CHOICES will take a prevention/early intervention approach to reducing the risk of alcohol-related harm by delivering participatory and innovative activities equipping children with the information they need to develop a responsible attitude towards alcohol. It will build their ability to make informed and healthy decisions about the safe consumption of alcohol. EAF proposes to develop and grow their existing work in school settings and the project will deliver 30 group-based alcohol awareness sessions Scotch Whisky Action Fund - 2021 Awardees reaching approximately 520 Primary 6 and 7 children across 10 East Ayrshire schools. The first five schools will be in Onthank, Ochiltree, Darvel, Kilmaurs and Whatriggs. From January 2022 they would work in a further five schools in East Ayrshire and will begin identifying them at the start of the school year 2021/22. CHOICES will also enable Barnardo’s staff and teachers to identify children at risk of/affected by alcohol-related harm, signposting them to specialist support at the earliest opportunity. The project will also include: an Annual Safe Choices Roadshow which includes alcohol awareness sessions for pupils during their secondary school induction days; ‘What’s in a Bag’ one-off alcohol awareness sessions for primary 7 children; and Excel Project - intensive 1:1 support for primary school children aged 10-12, affected by their own or parental alcohol misuse.

Girvan Youth Trust

Awarded:    £19,335

Project: Streetlights

To cover the cost of hiring two youth workers for 12 hours per week for 12 months. The youth workers would spend most of this time out on the streets of Girvan engaging with at-risk young people. Work will take place predominately during evenings after school, however they also work with local schools and deliver some sessions directly to young people in the school environment. The youth workers will provide awareness sessions to those consuming alcohol, as well as discussions and information around the legalities of their practices. They hope that this will help the young people to steer away from crime and anti-social behaviour, as well as strengthen community cohesion more generally. They expect up to 400 young people will be supported by the project – the majority of whom will be supported in schools.