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SWAF - Glasgow & Strathclyde

Learn more about Scotch Whisky Action Funds in Glasgow and Strathclyde during 2022.

Bazooka Arts

Awarded:   £17,782

Project: Creating Change – Alcohol, Relationships, and Me

The project will be based in Coatbridge and will be open to people throughout the Lanarkshire Health Board area. It will deliver a therapeutic programme on the negative impact of alcohol which will also create an adult peer education resource as an outcome. The project will be delivered in four stages:

• Stage 1: a 10-week programme of training and planning for the core project team. Six peer support volunteers, who have experienced the impact of alcohol and have previously accessed Bazooka Arts’ therapeutic arts programmes for support with their mental health, will work with three staff members on drama production, creative writing, film making, visual art and design. Staff and volunteers will also receive specialist alcohol awareness training.

• Stage 2 will deliver an 18-week therapeutic arts programme focused on the impact of alcohol on relationships for up to 24 people who have experience of alcohol adversely impacting their relationships with family, partner or close friends. Volunteers and participants will create a film and digital resources that use fictionalised versions of real-life stories to raise awareness and act as a springboard for discussion and for people to explore their own relationship with alcohol and the impact it has had on their close relationships.

• Stage 3 will be based at Summerlee Museum’s learning space, summer house and grounds as an inspiring and versatile location for all project participants to work on finalising the film and digital resources.

• Stage 4 will share the film and digital resources with the wider community. Peer volunteers, participants and staff will also engage live with groups alongside the film and digital resource, using creative facilitation methods to involve people with the materials. Through this project Bazooka Arts aim to help people address their own relationship to alcohol and relationships affected by alcohol, make informed changes to behaviour and in doing so improve mental health and
wellbeing. Long term they hope to contribute to playing a local role in changing societal relationships to alcohol and the detrimental impact alcohol can have within close relationships on multiple generations of a family. Bazooka Arts estimate that the project will directly benefit 230 people: 6 peer support volunteers who will be former participants of therapeutic arts programmes with lived experience of alcohol addiction issues; 24 people will work over 33 sessions of the
programme, accessing therapeutic community art techniques, learning skills and exploring their relationship to alcohol; and 200 people from the wider community who also share the experience of having a family link to alcohol addiction will be workshop members.