100 Years of Highlights

  • The Budget


    When Norman Lamont was Chancellor in the early 1990s, the budget box which was waved at photographers outside number 11 contained a bottle of Scotch Whisky. The speech itself was carried in a plastic bag by his then aide, William Hague.

  • The Real McCoy


    During Prohibition, Bill McCoy had a vessel off the coast of the US which people would sail out to in order to get legitimate Scotch Whisky. He became known as 'The Real McCoy' because the goods were not fakes.

  • JFK


    A relative of John F Kennedy, former US president, was an agent for the first legal Scotch Whisky brand to be delivered into the US after prohibition. The whisky was landed in New York the moment the law was put into action on 5 Dec 1933.

  • Whisky in space!


    Ardbeg distillery on Islay blasted compounds of unmatured malt - known as new make spirit - to the International Space Station in an unmanned cargo spacecraft on 30 October 2011. It also sent up particles of charred oak and, once the spacecraft docked, the two sets of molecules were mixed.

  • Giraffes


    Glenmorangie has the tallest stills in Scotland. They are not small and squat like traditional stills due to the distillery's founder being a 'canny Scot', who bought second hand gin stills instead of purchasing new more expensive stills. The ones used today are exact replicas of this original design.

  • A cup of welcome


    The Quaich, a uniquely Scottish invention designed specifically for whisky, is used to offer a guest a 'cup of welcome' and also as a farewell drink.

  • PPM


    Degrees of peating in Scotch Whisky are measured in 'parts per million phenols, or ppm. The well known distilleries generally range from 1-55 but, experimentally, a ppm of 100 has been achieved on Islay.

  • Bonspiel


    The Association has sponsored the Scotch Cup world curling championships.

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