100 Years of Highlights

  • Shipwrecked


    In 1941, the SS Politician sank off Eriskay with 28,000 cases of Scotch Whisky on board. The wreck was the inspiration for the book and film Whisky Galore.

  • Scotch v Cognac


    More Scotch Whisky is sold in one month in France, than Cognac in a year.

  • New York New York


    Laid end to end, Scotch Whisky exports would stretch more than 30,000kms or about six times the distance between Edinburgh and New York.

  • More ways than one


    Whisky can not only be enjoyed as a drink or paired with food, but also in recipes including cakes, preserves and sauces; often used in place of more traditional brandy or wine.

  • Tax


    Scotch Whisky became so popular at one stage that people began to make their own to avoid the tax man.

  • Scotch 'medicine'


    During prohibition in the USA, whisky could be legally obtained through a doctor for 'medicinal' purposes only.

  • Moonshine


    Whisky made in homemade illegal distilleries was named 'moonshine' as it was only made during the night when officials could not see the smoke from the chimneys.

  • Legal Whisky


    The first 'official' distillery came into existence in 1824 following the Excise Act of 1823.

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