100 Years of Highlights

  • Members


    More than 90% of Scotch Whisky distillers are members of the SWA.

  • On the farm


    Distilleries often give the grain waste from distilling to farmers as a nutrient rich food supplement for livestock.

  • World Whisky


    Whisky is now made in over 30 countries, with fine drams emerging from Japan, India, Taiwan, Sweden, New Zealand, USA and even England.

  • Bell ringing


    In Victorian times at some Scottish distilleries, a curious, and somewhat benevolent rule allowed workers to stop for a dram each time a bell rang. It rang 4 times a day!

  • Recycled barley


    Distillery workers have been known to take used barley home to be packed into a drawer and stored overnight to set, then cut and taken the next day for snack/lunch. Known in the west of Scotland as a 'piece', it was the predecessor of the flapjack.

  • Coopering


    A cooper uses more than 20 different tools to build a whisky barrel.

  • Flogging a bung!


    This means using a mallet to pry open the bung of the cask - bashing the barrel either side of the bung hole to loosen it up and allow sampling.

  • Walk on Whisky


    Recently some whisky barrels have found an unusual use once they are no longer required for maturing whisky. There is a company which now transforms them into flooring for your home or workplace, as well as for bars and restaurants.

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