100 Years of Highlights

  • Record high


    Most recent yearly exports generated £4.3 billion for the UK balance of trade, a record high.

  • Rationing


    Whisky rationing only came to an end in 1959.

  • W for...


    Since 1956, whisky has been the W word of choice for the NATO phonetic alphabet. It replaced William.

  • Johnnie Walker


    John 'Johnnie' Walker was a grocer in Kilmarnock in the mid 1800s who specialised in blending tea, until he decided to try his hand at blending Whisky too.

  • World Whisky Day


    World Whisky Day, launched just last year by Aberdeen University student Blair Bowman, will be celebrated on the third Saturday in May each year. There is even a World Whisky Day blend.

  • Magic Whisky?


    Over the years, some have thought whisky to have magic powers and hugley restorative qualities. It has been splashed on to men's heads as a cure for baldness, had feet soaked in it to prevent blisters, given in milk to help cats catch more mice and even poured around the base of trees to give them a boost.

  • Angel's Share


    The evaporation of Scotch Whisky maturing in oak casks is often referred to as 'The Angel's Share'.

  • Antartic whisky


    1896 Scotch Whisky, from Shackleton's Antartic adventure, was discovered in 2006 and preserved in a museum in Christchurch, NZ. The whisky didn't freeze, even at temperatures of -30, and 11 full bottles were found in crates. It will never be poured for drinking but samples were taken to replicate the flavour.

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