100 Years of Highlights

  • A wee dram


    While a dram is a standard pub measure, a 'wee dram' has an altogether different definition - the term can only be applied to a measure poured by the host. Its size is dependent not on HM Weights & Measures but on the generosity of the host!

  • An education


    An SWA educational film was such a surprise hit that it was syndicated with James Bond's outing in Live and Let Die, premiering in Leicester Square and seen by millions worldwide.

  • Poetry


    Liz Lochhead, the Makar or Scottish National poet, was commissioned by the Scotch Whisky Association to write a poem celebrating its 100 years. The Makar's verse drew on the rich heritage of the link between Scotch Whisky and poetry to track progress of the last decades.

  • Water of life


    A Scotch Whisky water source on Islay flows through rocks thought to be 800 million years old.

  • Pagoda


    Elgin architect Charles Doig invented the pagoda roof used in many distilleries.

  • Coopering


    A cooper's apprentice must work accompanied for 4 years before tackling their own barrel.

  • Casks


    There are a variety of different cask sizes used to mature Scotch Whisky, but they must all be made from oak.

  • Campbeltown


    Campbeltown, on the Mull of Kintyre peninsula, was once nicknamed 'Spiritsville' or 'Whiskyopolis' due to the number of distilleries located there. There were at least 37 established there during the 19th century.

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