Verification of Scotch Whisky - Briefing Note

10 Jan 2014

Of all spirit drinks sold under a GI, Scotch Whisky is probably the best known worldwide, with the largest sales.

The verification regime demonstrates to the world that the GI is underpinned by authenticity controls at every stage and means that both consumers and authorities worldwide can be confident that "Scotch Whisky" is the genuine article. This is a pre-requisite of the protection that comes with the status of a registered GI, and will ensure that Scotch Whisky is afforded the same protection as competing GIs such as Cognac or Tequila.

The verification regime will greatly improve the industry's ability to identify and prosecute adulterated 'Scotch Whiskies' worldwide and the Association believes it will be a step change in the protection afforded to Scotch Whisky, which should be warmly welcomed.