SWA Jobs Report Jan 2012

15 Feb 2012

It only takes three ingredients to make Scotch Whisky - water, yeast and cereal. Behind that simple recipe are thousands of highly trained and dedicated people who make Scotch Whisky, the world's leading international spirit.

Across Scotland, 10,000 people are directly employed and over 35,000 jobs are supported by the industry. This report provides a snapshot of the many people employed in the industry. It gives a flavour of the diversity of skills and highlights the importance of the industry to local communities.

The jobs range from Maltsters and Stillmen through to jobs in packaging, distribution and marketing. Every one of them is crucial to the industry's success. Training them and developing their skills is one of our priorities.

We never cease to be amazed by the passion of people employed in the Scotch Whisky industry, many of whom dedicate their entire working lives to it. We hope that you enjoy reading our report and discovering the people behind the brands. With their endeavour and your support Scotch Whisky can continue to be both an iconic Scottish export and a major employer at home.