SWA Budget Submission 2015

11 Feb 2015

Supporting a British success story

In the 2014 Budget, the Chancellor highlighted that Scotch Whisky 'is a huge British success story', a home-grown manufacturing sector that should be supported.

The decision to do so by freezing spirits duty, and removing the alcohol duty escalator a year early, was widely welcomed.

It boosted confidence at a time when Scotch Whisky faces challenging conditions, with lower demand in both the UK and export markets. The freeze supported investment, helping new and small distillers who rely on the home market.

However, despite the freeze, nearly 80% of an average priced bottle of whisky is accounted for by tax. Few products face such a tax burden, with consumers and producers penalised.

In Budget 2015, The Scotch Whisky Association is calling on the Chancellor to support a key Scottish and British industry.

A 2% duty cut for spirit drinks, in line with the policy adopted for beer in the last two Budgets, would be fair to consumers, support the public finances, and promote investment and jobs.

The full SWA Budget submission can be downloaded below.