Simplifying the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: Next steps

30 Aug 2011


The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) announced proposals to simplify the CRC scheme in the summer of 2011. A key concern for the Scotch Whisky industry was the proposal to remove the Climate Change Agreement exemptions from the scheme; sites covered by a CCA would not be required to participate in the CRC scheme. In our response we explained that because Scotch Whisky packaging (bottling) sites are not eligible for inclusion in the CCA scheme, removing the CCA exemptions would bring some, not all bottling sites into the CRC scheme. We argued that

allowing bottling halls to participate in the CCA scheme would increase the scope of the industry's emissions that are covered by a well established and effective climate change policy measure - the CCA scheme. This is because smaller bottling operations, which currently fall outside of the scope of the CRC, would likely participate in the spirit drink sector's CCA scheme if that option was available. We have responded to many previous consultations on the CRC scheme.