Scotch Whisky & Tourism Report

07 Jul 2011

1 Introduction

1.1 4-consulting was commissioned by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) to undertake a study of the contribution that Scotch Whisky makes to tourism in Scotland. Previous studies have focused on the economic impact of Scotch Whisky production (DTZ Pieda Consulting, January 2003 and Verso Economics, May 2010).

1.2 The link between spirits and wine businesses and tourism are less well researched in Europe compared to the new world. This report seeks to establish the economic impact of tourism derived from visitor centres and the network of Scotch Whisky embassies. This report also investigates the clustering of tourism, culture and heritage activities around distilleries and considers the wider macroeconomic role of Scotch Whisky and tourism.

1.3 Survey information covering 37 of the 52 Scotch Whisky distilleries and visitor centres open to the public was collected through the SWA (this includes members and non-members of the SWA). Survey information was also collected through ScotlandWhisky on the embassy network with responses from 18 members. Additional data was drawn from the Scottish Government, SWA, VisitScotland, Office for National Statistics (ONS), HM Revenue and Customs and the World Bank.