Scotch Whisky and Brexit

29 Jun 2017

Issue 2

An industry of strategic importance, Scotch Whisky is our global drink; a major manufacturing sector supporting 40,000 jobs, adding £5bn in value across the economy, and the single biggest net contributor to the UK balance of trade in goods.

However, industry success must not be taken for granted by government or policy makers. As we navigate the uncertainties of Brexit, the continued success of Scotch Whisky is a litmus test of the UK's exit from the EU. Whilst Brexit creates challenges, there are also potential opportunities if the industry's priorities are delivered.

To support jobs and growth after Brexit, the Scotch Whisky Association looks to the Government to prioritise:

  • A comprehensive trade deal with the EU that can adjust over time
  • An open trade policy, securing existing EU trade deal benefits and then developing an ambitious agenda of new and refreshed Free Trade Agreements
  • Frictionless and efficient customs procedures, minimising cost and complexity for exports to the EU27
  • Robust legal protection of Scotch Whisky in the UK, EU, and global markets
  • Business certainty and consistency through the Great Repeal Bill and other means
  • Pursuing reform opportunities to boost domestic industry after leaving the EU
  • A domestic tax and regulatory agenda that delivers a platform for international growth 

Our full Brexit briefing for the Scotch Whisky industry is available to view or download below.