Minimum Unit Pricing - SWA briefing Dec 2015

16 Dec 2015

The Scotch Whisky Association is opposed to minimum unit pricing (MUP) because: 

  • MUP will not tackle alcohol misuse effectively. Research for the Scottish Government shows it will not reduce the number of people drinking at hazardous and harmful
  • The Scottish Government's own data demonstrates that alcohol sales have been falling in Scotland since 2009.
  • Minimum pricing was first ruled illegal as a barrier to trade by the Court of Justice of
    the European Union (CJEU) more than 30 years ago.   The Court has consistently ruled
    against minimum pricing since.
  • MUP will set a precedent for equally ineffective and illegal measures by other countries
    which could severely damage the Scotch Whisky industry's export markets and the
    Scottish economy.

The full briefing document is available to download below.