Matured to be Enjoyed Responsibly(4th Edition) 2016

11 May 2016

Scotch Whisky is a craft product made by traditional processes that underpin the drink's quality reputation. By law it must be matured in oak casks for a minimum of three years and in many cases is matured for much longer. As a drink created only after many years of quiet maturation, Scotch Whisky should be be sipped and savoured. Distillers want to maximise consumer enjoyment of their brands, and to minimise harm from irresponsible drinking.

The Scotch Whisky industry is involved in a range of initiatives to promote responsible attitudes to alcohol and tackle alcohol related harm.

The publication, Matured to be Enjoyed Responsibly, covers the following issues and provides useful contacts across the industry:

  • Tackling alcohol-related harm
  • Consumer information and education
  • Responsible advertising, marketing and promotion
  • Partnership working
    - Scotch Whisky Action Fund
    - Working with government and other parties
    - Member Company Partnerships