Malaysia And Thailand Introduce New Protection

26 Jan 2010

Malaysia and Thailand - which together represent over £40m in annual Scotch exports - have granted applications for 'Scotch Whisky' to be registered and protected as a 'geographical indication of origin' (GI).

The Scotch Whisky Association lodged the applications for registration, which recognises Scotch Whisky's international reputation and requires the highest levels of protection from each country's enforcement authorities. Local consumers will be better protected from imitations, whilst the integrity of Scotch Whisky as a product made in Scotland according to traditional practice is underpinned.

Scotch Whisky is the first spirit drink from the European Union to receive such a high level of protection in Malaysia.

Alan Park, a Legal Adviser at The Scotch Whisky Association, said:

"Scotch Whisky has broken new ground in Malaysia and Thailand. Consumers will be better protected from imitations and Scotch Whisky's international reputation for excellence is being recognised. The British Embassies in each market have provided invaluable assistance as we pursued these applications, which will help to support future export success."