House of Lords Select Committee - Inquiry into Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Exports

05 Oct 2012

International trade is the life blood of the Scotch Whisky industry with export growth supporting jobs in communities which are often rural, and frequently lack any significant alternative job opportunities. This submission to the House of Lords Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and exporting consultation highlights that policy decisions need to be joined up across all departments.

Promoting SME export success in the Scotch Whisky industry should be central to the UK Government given that Scotch Whisky exports account for 25% of the UK's food and drink exports. A greater understanding and a more focussed approach is required when assisting SMEs to exporting internationally or break into new markets.  The SWA is encouraged by strong messages from the Government to introduce initiatives to assist SMEs with exporting, but policy decisions across all departments, directly impacting on Scotch Whisky also need to be considered. For example, the Government's economic recovery strategy is based on export growth, a strategy we believe will be undermined by the planned introduction of the minimum pricing of alcohol that will negatively affect Scotch Whisky exports.