Case Study - The Edrington Group

01 Dec 2010

The company's Great Western Road headquarters and bottling plant, in the west end of Glasgow, handles over 85 million bottles of Scotch Whisky every year while the cased goods warehouse handles over 7 million cases per annum and services over 100 overseas markets.

The group's skilled and experienced workforce operates within the internationally recognised quality, environmental and health and safety standards ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and BS:OHSAS18001. The company aims to deliver
products to the highest manufacturing standards. This commitment takes account of various issues associated with the supply chain, especially environmental impacts.

The company has embedded a number of recent initiatives into its distribution strategy:

  • In collaboration with its UK distributor, Maxxium, the company has implemented direct deliveries from its whisky warehouse to the Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) of major retailers. This not only reduces
    local haulage to the distributor's warehouse but also handling, storage and redistribution activities. The adoption of night time deliveries during the seasonal peak (October-December) to Maxxium's local RDC has helped
    ease road congestion during peak traffic times.
  • Where possible, the Scottish ports of Greenock or Grangemouth are used to avoid unnecessary road miles to southern docks. Edrington has also switched from road to rail wherever possible a recent example being
    Intermodal movements to France, which further reduces road miles.
  • Edrington looks to maximise export shipments wherever possible. A new computerised weight-based check has been successfully implemented for all 40ft containers and trailer traffic leaving the Great Western Road
    site. Whilst having obvious environmental benefits, the system also supports compliance by ensuring that freight loads are legal for both the UK and country of destination.
  • To encourage best-practice with downstream partners, The Edrington Group requests that its logistics services providers have an environmental strategy that is at least in line with the company's and the Scotch Whisky Industry Environmental Strategy.