Sarah Dickson

SWA welcomes US-UK spirits agreement

05 Feb 2019

The Scotch Whisky Association has welcomed the US-UK Spirits Agreement which will protect Scotch Whisky, and other whiskies, in the UK and US markets post-Brexit.

The U.S.-UK agreement on the mutual recognition of certain distilled spirits will continue the recognition of Scotch Whisky, Irish whiskey, Tennessee whisky and Bourbon whisky in bilateral trade following the UK's exit from the EU. The agreement replicates an Exchange of Letters in 1994, between the then EC and the US, on the mutual recognition of certain distilled spirits and spirit drinks.

The United States was the top export market for Scotch Whisky by value in 2017, totalling £922m.

Commenting on the agreement, SWA International Director Sarah Dickson said:

"This agreement is good news for Scotland's national drink, giving Scotch Whisky continued legal recognition in our largest global market.

"Scotch Whisky already enjoys legal protection in the US Federal Code, but this agreement mirrors the protection currently offered under the US-EU agreement and secures the continued recognition of all UK and US whiskies.

"This will give US consumers the confidence that after Brexit the Scotch Whisky they enjoy is distilled and matured in Scotland in accordance with UK law.

"Whatever challenges Brexit presents, the SWA will continue to take action all over the world to stop the sale of fake and counterfeit products that unfairly take advantage of the quality and reputation of Scotch Whisky."


Find out more on the agreement  here.