Minimum Unit Pricing

07 Oct 2015

David Frost, Scotch Whisky Association chief Executive, said:

"We're awaiting the details of the Scottish Government's new proposals to tackle alcohol misuse which we hope will review the 40 or so measures already in place. We believe there are many effective methods that can be used to combat misuse, and that appear to be working with alcohol-related deaths down 25% from a peak in 2006, rather than pursuing minimum unit pricing (MUP) which would be ineffective and is likely to be illegal. The Advocate General's opinion published last month encouraged us in our long-held view that MUP is illegal when there are less trade restrictive measures available.

"We believe partnership working between government and other stakeholders is fundamental to tackling alcohol harm. It is therefore frustrating that we, along with all members of the alcohol industry, have been told we are not welcome at this week's Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Edinburgh. We are committed to tackling misuse and will shortly be announcing the organisations which will benefit from the second round of grants from our £500,000 Scotch Whisky Action Fund."